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6 Useful Vscode Shortcuts You Should Know

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This is a curated list of the shortcuts you should learn as soon as possible. I really wish I knew them when I started coding. It would have saved me hours of manual typing.

Default shortcuts for Linux. Mac and Windows shortcuts are displayed below if different.

1. View Shortcus

Displays all the shortcut keys if you've forgetten them.

Mac: Command + K, and press Command + S
Linux/Windows: Ctrl + K, and press ress Ctrl + S

2. Search Bar & Quick Open

Displays the search bar to search files

Mac: Command + P
Linux/Windows: Ctrl + P

You will navigate between files all the time. You can type the file name and open it by pressing enter.

3. Command Pallete

Type > when the command pallete opened, you can select and execute the command quickly. It's useful!

Mac: Command + P
Linux/Windows: Ctrl + P

πŸ’‘Tips - If type ? you can do more things 😜

4. Toggle Sidbar

Show or hide the side bar where you can navigate through the explorer.

Mac: Command + B
Linux/Windows: Ctrl + B

5. Split Editor

Display the file in seperate editor.

Mac: Command + \ or 2,3,4
Linux/Windows: Shift + Alt + \ or 2,3,4

6. Open/Hide Terminal

Open or hide the terminal windown.

Mac: Control + Fn + `
Linux/Windows: Ctrl + `